A Theory Before Its Time

Self-Instruction becomes Distance Learning

Visionary educators Frederic Burk and Mary Ward clearly determined and theorized that the educational paridigms of their day were limited and even flawed.

A parallel can be drawn between their experience and that of Leonardo da Vinci -- he theorized flight, even eloquently drafted the mechanical definition, but the space-age materials to bring the concept to fruition did not exist.

Computers, local networks, the internet, graphics, interactivity, proactivity! These have brought proof of Burke's and Ward's theories.

In these pages I have sought to not only prove that point, but to gather useful and creative websites which demonstrate my point, and provide a set of resources for education today.

I greatly enjoyed putting this presentation together, and hyperlinking the content for ease of use and reference.

Please enjoy your visit.

Final Project
Itec 800
Spring 2000
Professor Kim Foreman
Suzanne Turner