The Carousel Is Here

The earliest references to carousels can be found around 500 A.D. as an Arabian game adapted by Spanish crusaders and carried with them on their quests. Carousels can be toys, games, or the more popular machine that can carry individuals into their own fantasy worlds. Carousels have become indispensible resources to their communities.

Now you can make your own carousel and see the joy in the eyes of your own students as this colorful project takes shape.




  1. Hand out carousel animal pages one at a time making sure that their names appear on them somewhere (You may prefer to make carousel folders for each student as there are several pages to be colored)
  2. Hand out ditto of central column and top piece for coloring.
  3. Have students carefully cut out their animals.
  4. Have students use glitter glue to decorate saddles, bridles, hooves and anything else they want on the animals.
  5. Have students carefully use glitter glue to decorate central column and top as desired.
  6. When glue is dry have students cut along dotted line forming tabs then glue your central column and top together. Use clothes pins and or rubber bands to hold column and top together until glue is completely dry.
  7. Hand out paper plates (one top and one bottom) and have the children decorate them while allowing all glued areas to THOROUGHLY dry.
  8. Place tabs for top center piece (tabs A,B, & C) through respective slits on top plate folding tabs toward center and either tape or glue in place.
  9. Place TOP Tabs (D,E, & F) for central column through remaining slits and make sure that they go toward inside of top decoration and tape or glue in place.
  10. Place BOTTOM tabs (H,I, & J) through slits in bottom plate and either tape or glue in place.
  11. Let body of carousel sit and allow glue to dry is necessary.
  12. Place straws on table then place animals onto them at different levels and carefully lift and tape to secure animals onto their respective straw.
  13. Carefully push straws with animals attached up through holes in top plate and arrange them animals so that they show to the best advantage then glue straws in place at top and bottom.
  14. Glue colored or clear beads onto top of straws for added decoration if desired.
  15. Set carousel aside and allow glue to dry thoroughly.


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  2. The Carousel Animal by Tobin Farley; Chronicle Books, San Francisco. Distributed by Raincoast books Vancouver,B.C.

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